Rules and Regulation


  • The students and teachers ought to talk in English within the School compound except during the other language classes where the corresponding language would be encouraged.
  • Neat and tidy uniform as prescribed by the school is compulsory. All students should observe general personal hygiene.
  • Good manners, good habits, obedience, order and punctuality will be stressed upon. Any misbehavior with teachers, administrative staff or other children will be dealt seriously. Repeated misbehavior may lead to suspension or even termination of the student from the school. Any rude behaviour in the form of foul language, slang, violent and aggressive behavior will entail a punishment for 3 to 7 days debarment or dismissal depending upon the gravity of the misbehavior.
  • No student can leave the school premises, for whatever reason, without a written note from the Principal.
  • Any damage to the school property has to be replaced or compensated by the parent. The decision of the Principal in this matter is final.
  • If the child is sick, it is advised not to send him/her to school. A letter signed by the parent should accompany the child on rejoining the school. Long absenteeism of more than 2 days, due to sickness, needs a medical certificate issued by a competent authority. If the Principal feels the child is not fit to attend the class he reserves the right to send the child home.
  • Travel-leave and sick-leave of more than 10 days should be intimated to the authorities in writing and in any case such a leave of more than 30days is not permitted without any valid reason.
  • The parents are responsible to leave the children into the school compound in the morning and take them back in the evening. The school will not be responsible for any untoward happenings outside the school compound and after the school hours.
  • The parents are advised not to send any valuables with the children. The school will not be responsible for the loss of valuables from the students.
  • Students are not allowed to enter a classroom that does not belong to them or to remain in the classroom during the Physical Education period without prior permission from the class teacher.
  • Students are forbidden to present any gifts individually or as a group to the teachers or other administrative staff.
  • No cash payment should be made without receiving a proper receipt for the same.
  • Students are not allowed to take private tuitions, paid or unpaid, from their subject teachers as well as other teachers without the permission of the school authorities.
  • Books and periodicals borrowed from the library should be returned promptly in good condition. Loss or damage will incur cash penalty or replacement.
  • If the Report Card is lost or mutilated a Duplicate report card will be issued upon payment of SR 20/-
  • Parents are advised to send their own food and drinking water to the school. Small kids should wear diapers and carry spare diapers in their bags.

Recommendations to parents

Every parent is a “teacher” to his/her child.  The faculties of orderliness, discipline, dedication and enquiry take root at home and develop further at school. To carry out the joint responsibility, the school requests the parents to:

  1. Co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and Discipline
  2. Always send a letter if he/she is absent from school. This will make him a responsible and sincere student.
  3. Parents should also ensure that their children are escorted back by them immediately after the school. The school does not accept any responsibility for the students who are left in the school premises after the school hours, or for those who reach the school well before the school hours.
  4. Parents should help the school in the proper moulding of the children’s personality. They should make it a point to attend the Parent-teacher meetings and should see that their children do their homework regularly.
  5. Parents are particularly expected to sign the report card and there marks entered in the school calendar and exercise books of their children.
  6. Representations and complaints, if any, must be addressed to the   Principal or Chairman of Managing Committee and not to the teachers.
  7. Parents / Guardians and relatives are not permitted to meet the Teachers during the School hours For urgent matters, they should meet the Principal or the Secretary during fixed timings or by prior appointment
  8. Pay the school fees in time to avoid late fee or re-admission fee in case the name is struck from the register due to non-payment of fee.
  9. For your own safety “Drive slowly and carefully”. Follow the traffic rules at all times. Do not over speed “Better late than never”.