Result of “ Arabic Fast writing Competition” in Grade: V 

On 26th October 2016

Non Arabic Boys:  

1st – Ammar Hakim Ajmal  

2nd –Yuthish Kumar. 

3rd – Abdul Ahad Khalid.


Arabic Boys: 

1st – Omer Mohammed.  

2nd –Mohammed Haitham. 

3rd – Ahmed Osama Mohamed. 




Decades of academic research have proven that benefits accrue because of engaging in debate are numerous. Debates provide experiences that are conductive to life changing, cognitive and presentational skills.

Keeping all this in view, we conducted debate competition in our school on 20th October 2016. It was held between students of class 9th and 10th (Girls Section). The topic picked up for that day was ‘’Internet is a blessing or a curse’’. The topic was selected after observing the rising addiction of internet in youth. The way people are getting dependent on technology and specifically internet is alarming. The students were divided in to two groups. Grade 9th opted to support the resolution by considering internet as a blessing while grade 10th opted to oppose it.

Both groups were led by the leaders, Leader of the house was Bushra Jalaluddin and leader of opposition was Eman Amir. On the day of Debate, class 5th to class 8th, their class teachers and their subject teachers were the audience. Judges panel consisted of Madam Sainu Thomas, Madam Amna Ahmed and Madam Sadaf Afreen. The chief guest was School Principal Mr. Shaukat Hayat. The whole event was organised by English department teacher Madam Samar Malik.

The programme started with recitation from Holy Quran, presented by Mehreen Qisar and Fathima Najoosha. Then the organiser started conducting the programme with the permission of respected Jury. Both leaders were being called on the stage and they introduced their teams. Both teams consisted of 9 speakers. After introduction, the opening points were presented by Grade 9 Students. They delivered their valid points in favour of the resolution, then two students from grade 10 came forward setting aside the resolution presented by the house. They presented their own point of view against the resolution.

The house insisted that internet has turned the world in to a global village. Distances don’t matter anymore, Internet saves time and the whole world can a be explored in a few clicks. Opposition negated their view and presented their own by pointing out that how people are turning in to couch potatoes and the rise in depression and anxiety rate, obesity, hypertension and it is all because of the addiction to the internet. People have stopped exercising, outing, socialising, playing outside and additionally this curse is taking people away from their family lives, face to face communication is turning in to a dream. A family living in the same home uses social media to communicate.

The house then presented their views on how handy everything has become, online shopping, single click takes you to official websites, Vlogs, Blogs and they are all the sources of earning for those who can’t step out of their houses, online application submissions, bank transactions, distance learning and communication with far flung family is the biggest advantage of internet. The opposition then smashed back by presenting a number of frauds, fake websites, hacking, adult content ads and websites fake publicity of cheap goods, cyber bullying, extremism and lack of creativity. They added that the reason of today’s students and teachers respect less relationship is due to internet which has provided the students with the answers of every question and students have lost the respect for teachers.

The contestants kept on debating aggressively for up to one hour then they were given a time face to face discussion in case any queries were left un-answered. This discussion was supposed to last for 10 minutes but both the teams were so hyperactive and well prepared that the organiser had to intervene twice for time up, they pleaded for extra time which was allowed and the whole discussion took up to 25 minutes to end. Then the organiser requested the jury to give their remarks.

The jury appreciated the students for being so confident, well prepared, and praised event organiser for arranging a healthy activity, then they announced the results.

Best Speaker from the house: Bushra Jalaluddin

Best Speaker from the opposition: Hina Moideen

Most convincing team: The House (Grade 9)

The Honourable Chief guest was invited on the stage for concluding remarks. He admired the efforts of event organiser and congratulated the students for their brilliant performance. The teams were then awarded with the medals by the judges. Then the organiser requested all to stand in respect of National Anthem. The contestants presented the Saudi national anthem followed by the Indian National Anthem. The whole audience stood in respect of anthems and the event came to an end.

The positive change in the school environment could be observed right after the event. Students felt more enthusiastic than ever. The school management is hopeful and more confident for such healthy activities in future.


Result of Students Union Election 2015-16 





Life skills training is an efficacious tool for empowering the youth to act responsibly, take initiative and take control. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) of India is challenging all schools and teachers to strive harder to come up with inventive means of inculcating Life skills into young students through its ground-breaking Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) initiative.


The CBSE Cluster meet is a sports event conducted in India as well as outside India in CBSE affiliated schools. There will be zonal matches followed by main events. The teams which qualify in zonal level will be qualified for main sports event. This year i.e.2013-2014 the host school was IIS, RIYADH. The teams which come out as winners will be qualified to play the games at national  level ,the national games are conducted in India.


We have attained 100% result of Grade IX and X of CBSE from consecutive two years.



The Islamic quiz was conducted by Islamic teacher Mrs.Arjumand Banu.It was conducted to encourage the students to gain and understand Islamic knowledge in its true sense.

                        It was held on 30--10--2014 (Thursday) Quizzing teams that have been chosen from classes II,III,IV competed for the top honours. The.The teams went through a head to head challenge with each other over four different rounds Individual Round,Passing Round,Rapid Fire Round.The winners were picked based on their performance in each round.
                        The best six from every class was selected according to the two houses.That we have in our school Red House and Yellow House.This made a group of three for each group.The red house scored 175 marks and the yellow house scored 155 marks.Which made the red house winners.
                         The dignitories present for the program me were principal 
Mr S.M.Shaukat Hayat,Academic coordinator Mrs Anita Netto,Supervisor Mrs Valsala Mini.The principal announced the results and the prizes were distributed by the chairman, Principal  Academic Coordinator and Supervisor.


Result of “ Fast writing Competition” in Grade: V

On 25th November 2014

1st – Sarmad Naseem

2nd –Umar Riaz.

3rd –Nityam Upadhyay.

4th –Ali Abdullah.

5th –Ahmed Mohammed.